What to Do After a Break-In: Advice from a Locksmith in Tamarac

Experiencing a break-in at your home or office is always a traumatic experience. Whether the thieves got away with everything or they fled before they could get to your valuables, you feel a sense of loss that can overwhelm you and make it difficult for you to move on. A professional Locksmith Tamarac outlines the proper steps to take after an intruder has broken into your home or office.


Contact the authorities

Your first step should be that you should call the authorities in Tamarac. The local police want to see the scene, so minimize any movements in and around the area of the break-in. but if it is possible then you can go to the neighbor’s house or some other location until the police arrive. Although you may be tempted to clean up the area search your office or home to determine, what was taken, resist the urge. If there is evidence that can help lead to the thieves, you don’t want to contaminate it. If you rent rather than own your home, apartment or office then is sure you can also contact your landlord or the management company.

Take inventory

Taking inventory is essential; the authorities in Tamarac will want to know what to be watching for, and an accurate list of your missing property can help them apprehend the thieves.  You should also submit a list of valuables to your homeowners or renters insurance provider so they can begin the processing the claim. Your first list will probably miss some things; this is normal after a break-in, so don’t worry if you are still discovering the missing items days later.

Repair damage and consult with a locksmith about adding security

As soon as possible, you should instantly talk to the contractor or the locksmith in Tamarac who can repair any damages to your belongings such as a broken down door jamb or shattered window. Then you will feel like that your life is again returning to normal once you don’t have to look at the evidence of the robbery. And once repair are done then talk to your Locksmith Lawndale about installing high security locks on all of your doors and windows, particularly any that offer relatively easy access to your home. Reinforcing the doors and window is also the good idea.

If you steel do not feel safe after having high security locks installed, discuss additional security measures with your locksmith. Then they can give you information on alarm, CCTV system, and monitoring services for your home or office that will add another layer of security to give you peace of mind.

So if you talk to a professional then they can help you to overcome from any feelings of fear or anxiety that you may experience.


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